Wednesday, February 9, 2011

let him go.?

us :(
to let him go, totally not esay for me. love.? yeah, it's just because i love him so fucking damn much.! why must he treat me like this and let me alone everyday. yeah, i mish him, but can i get him back like old.? can i.? nobody can change fate. i will waiting on you for every second i had, for every minutes i take, for every hour i got, and for every time i miss you. you gonna leave me one day. oh god, why i choose that way.? i never regret he have on my life, have by my side, give a smile, give a hug, give a kiss, and give me a promise. i walk away, ALONE, without him, and i thinking bout something, why must i love him again.? i never force my fell to loving him, but taht felling always come when i try to forget him. i'm totally looser. i got him, and he leave me. yeah, i;m totally stupid.. baby, can you give a change to make it different, to give you time to remember how could you do anything for me. i'm just need to say I LOVE YOU every night before i close my eyes, and just wake up i'm gonna see you first when i open my eyes. i want to hear your voice at the way i take, and i want to hear your voice when i'm fell fool. i'm always be your's and you be mine forever. no more ask how much i could do anything for you. if i got one change, i wanna take your hand and hold the time for i wishing you how much meaning you in my life SAYANG.! can you hear that.? my heart singing for you, singing for us, singing for our life. i'm pray, i'm sitting there and told to your heart, i'm gonna missing you when i'm go far away from you, please.. at the time, don't looking at me anymore. i was tired to see that. don't regret, we wait till 14th, and i will make it decision for our relationship. if you try to forget me, you pleasure sayang. i'm gonna say GOOD BYE and TAKE CARE. at the time, stop looking for me anymore. because i try to be cruel with this feeling. don't ask me anymore, only one that you should know, i'm gonna missing you and be your destiny soon. insyallah sayang. i'm gonna tell you, i'm waiting on you even my heart will go on..

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