Sunday, January 30, 2011

u make it sad on my way.!


why i choose that way, totally im felling suck. why must he looking for me for many time and he do the bad things for many time after he got apologise. ohh god, please make me fell most better. swear, i need him and i love him, but why he doesn't look at me just now, like he was changes. look like he was found another girl.yeah, im fell so suck, to story my bad way are not my style, justy keep it on my heart, totally need he know what i fell now. why must he make me cry, 2 time, he make me crying. i can't sleep going to thinking about him all the night. ohh, what should i do, leave him.? no way, i can't do that.! so, how long i can be like this.? so hard you know, yaa, my fault to accept him for many time. ohh god, i need ur permission, please give me the great way for i be most stornger than him. im beggin you to make me meet today, i wait. i wait to see him whenever for the last time. sayangs, why you treat me like this, you know ,it's hurt, nobody need to hurt you, but you never take serious;y about people fell. say that you don't need me anymore sayang.! i will. i will leave the way if you said that. however, i wait you till 15 feb, and you know what will i do soon. sayang, enough, you make it me look bad. sorry to say, u will never to make it suck on my life.! should you know, god most love you, so, gonna see you change and release. i will wait till the time. i'll see you soon baby.

ohhh ma gosh, i reallyyyyyyy mish my long hair, i gonna back to old, like i don't know anything. oke, enpugh dyan. stop to always thinking abput past. aq nak bela rmbot alik and nak wat style baru, sape ja tahu, aq akan jadi macam dulu, i know my frenz will support me. :) now i release, nobody most important than family and frenz. totally i love them tahn you bitch.! ohh ALLAH, please make me fell most stronger and better to going my self on this way. insyallah, amin.

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